When you are done with twitter come tumble on Tumblr!

Posted on December 12, 2011 by morsolutions


Social media has long been dominated by Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin but there are thousands of social media platforms and micro blogging sites out there.
A social media platform with no one else on it is no fun, no matter how well built it is (as evidenced by Google+). People are not quite as narcissistic as some social media sites would have us believe. Users require inspirational content to feed off and respond to and Tumblr provides that as well as giving users an element of social interaction.
There are loads of other platforms that are well worth trying that will have people with similar interests on it even if your real life friends are not on it. Tumblr is one of the best and fastest growing alternative micro blogging sites. Favoured by industry insiders for its clean design and easy to use interface. In October 2011 Tumblr became the first blogging platform to host Obama’s blog.

Tumblr has also been championed by online magazine “The Next Web” in their “Tumblr Tuesday” posts and mashable have followed celebrities as they use Tumblr.
While Tumblr is best for visual blogs and is populated by artists, photographers, fashion industry insiders, graphic designers amongst others. It’s real appeal is how easy it is to use and the ability to share your Tumbr posts with WordPress. 


The popularity of Tumblr is set to grow as it allows celebrities, brands and musicians to share aspects of their lives and interact on a more personal, intimate basis, without having to give up too much of their personal privacy.


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