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Posted on February 15, 2012 by morsolutions

Mainstream media likes to paint the image of computer programmers as insular geeks. However Coder Dojo is helping to change this misconception by creating a fun, sociable environment for 13 to 17 year olds to learn the art of programming. Coder Dojo was conceived by James Whelton, a teenager who gained publicity for hacking an IPod nano. It is a not-for-profit organisation that teaches young people how to code and is run entirely by volunteers. Here at MOR Solutions we are so inspired by Coder Dojo we couldn’t wait to get involved.

Watch the video below to hear how Graham O’ Rourke of MOR Solutions got involved and brought Coder Dojo to Drogheda and how James Whelton has grown this phenomenal concept in less than 24 months!

Coder Dojo is an Irish led, global network of computer clubs where young people come learn to code, hack, develop websites, apps, games and more! Kids are taught in a roundtable, hands-on fashion and encouraged work together, share laptops and teach each other. This approach is designed to be the antithesis of traditional classroom learning experience. It is entirely free and kids who don’t have a laptop or any knowledge of coding are as welcome as those who have laptops and have started to work things out for themselves.

With Ireland fast becoming a base for international internet companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Linkedin, programmers are in high demand and here at MOR solution we couldn’t wait to get involved in Coder Dojo and help the next generation of programmers develop their skills. Software education is so important to everyone at MOR solutions and this ethos is shared by volunteers at Coder Dojo. As well as helping teenagers develop their skills many volunteers see organisations like Coder Dojo as a way to help pull Ireland out of recession by creating a highly skilled workforce of the future.

Coder Dojo Drogheda at the Highlanes Gallery

As well as the long term benefits the immediate rewards gained by the MOR solutions staff and the other Coder Dojo Drogheda volunteers are increasing with every session. There is obviously a feel good factor gained from volunteering but volunteers also found that their interest and enthusiasm for coding was re-ignited when they saw their skills through the eyes of eager teenagers.

Demonstration of Scratch and Kinect
 A Coder Dojoer ‘as the controller’ in Scratch games

Meetings have been busy and we can always do with more volunteers anyone with coding experience is welcome to come along and get involved or if you want to attend one of our Dojos please contact us on the details below go to for more details.

Contact details:
Twitter: @coderdojodrog
Email: Graham O’Rourke at

If you are business looking to get involved we are looking for a pizza sponsor also!

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