Keeping farmers from Kerry to Qatar farming

High Tech Agri-Business

Farmers are mobile businesses in the truest sense. When their problems are left unsolved, they are costly and critical to their business. We have designed and delivered real time cloud and mobile solutions that solve these problems -

be that real time ordering of replacement machine parts or the supply of the latest prices, lab reports and financial data to mobiles to aid in real time business decisions. Now that’s smart farming.

Stop the phones ringing

Improving Customer Care

A large national call-centre had a problem … increasing call volumes was costing business dearly and leaving customers unsatisfied and frustrated. The obvious call was to direct customers online but the company already had a customer support portal and FAQs. So what to do…?

The answer was in helping to profile the inbound callers and then deliver focused, engaging video that answered the right questions for the biggest groups. The call volumes (and business costs) dropped while customers received expert advice in a friendly, thoughtful and timely fashion.

Keeping women in 26 countries in step with fashion

Checkout in style

Building a great user experience is key to customer conversion both on desktop and particularly on mobile. In the chic, trend driven and sassy world of fashion this is a critical business challenge. Tracking customer behaviour and

conversion provided insight into small changes that have big impacts on the bottom line for our customers. Examples of that include optimising the checkout process to provide an 18% uplift in sales … an experience users and business alike can appreciate!

Ensuring a warm welcome home

Cloud Apps that work...whatever the weather

Forget about leaving on the landing light at night… heating is by far your biggest energy cost. Climote is Europe's most innovative company in this space. Since 2010, MOR Solutions has helped Climote to deliver their products to market. We develop and support their IoT (Internet of Things) cloud infrastructure,

APIs, mobile apps and eCommerce website. So when a customer on the London Underground uses their phone to ‘boost’ their heating on a chilly evening or switch off the immersion from the Luas on the way to work, we've played our part in delivering a more comfortable and connected home.

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